So you've just started a new project, and now it's time to go to print. But have you thought about how you'd like your work to be finished? Did you consider that your project could use some UV protection or graffiti resistance? Below, we have highlighted your lamination options and their common uses.

Lamination is the process of applying a thin layer of film or liquid coating to a material, to enhance and protect the printed matter. There is a wide range of laminates available, all presenting different finishes.


UV Lamination

Liquid lamination, also known as UV coating, is an excellent way to add fade durability. This coating protects from moisture, dirt, fingerprints, and sun exposure. This options for lamination is used on all our aluminum signs unless otherwise specified.
Popular Applications: Any & All Signs and Decals

Pipeline Sign




UV + Anti-graffiti

This laminate is an overlaminate designed to protect digitally printed images and signs from a wide variety of stains and chemicals including paint and permanent marker. Graffiti can be easily and repeatedly removed using common economical cleaners without damaging the surface of the laminate. I-lam is the best option for long-term outdoor signage with limited anti-graffiti properties and anti-fade properties. 
Popular Applications: Signage in high graffiti areas

Anti Graffiti Lamination



UV + Abrasion

Lexan laminate is a great option for signage that takes a beating. It has a velvet finish that reduces glare, is scratch and tear resistant, and can handle heat. However, because continuous exposure to UV rays tend to discolour the film, it isn't recommended for long-term outdoor use. 
Popular Applications: Quad Stands, Decals With a lot of Handling, Large Indoor Displays

Lexan Laminate



Dry Erase

This laminate is a dry erase clear laminate, that is easy to write on and erase. It has a UV hard coat and a clear gloss surface that safeguards against ghosting or staining from dry erase markers. Dry Erase also has anti-graffiti qualities, that can cleanly remove the accidental use of a  permanent marker with the help of rubbing alcohol.
Popular Applications: Charity Cheques, Task Board, Incident Board

Dry Erase Laminate



Partial Lamination

A clear overlay protects writing on the tag from dirt, grease, moisture and alterations. Lift overlay, write message, peel off the liner, and press overlay over the tag.
Popular Applications: Car Seal Valve Tags

Partial Lamination



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