Signage is probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to all the changes you've made and have to make in regard to COVID-19. Signage can have a large impact in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and minimize confusion with procedural changes.

You will need to consider how workers and visitors utilize and navigate your facilities, how frequently you plan to change your messaging elements, and if you will need to move your signage from various locations. 

See below for more information and ideas to implement cost-effective temporary signage options outside your business. 


Graphic displaying how to utilize covid-19 signage in the field


In the above graphic, we can see the use of sandwich boards indicating the changes when entering the building and site, floor decals to display the proper spacing for physical distancing, and a wall decal alerting customers of the pickup changes.

Sandwich boards are an excellent cost-effective option to communicate with workers and visitors, as the printed sign can be replaced in order to reuse the board for future messaging.


Graphic indicating how to use covid-19 signage outside your facility


Above you will see removable decals indicating to couriers the process change on each bay, a removable decal indicating only 5 people are allowed in the building at one time on the entrance door and a sandwich board alerting staff and contractors that they will be screened upon entry.


Graphic indicating how to use covid-19 signage outside your warehouse


Our warehouse graphic shows our sandwich board on the left reminding workers and visitors to keep a 6ft distance, while our quad stand on the right indicated procedural changes. Our decal displayed on the windows alerts couriers to call for pickups and deliveries prior to entry.

Quad stands are another great cost-effective option, allowing for the sign to be removed and updated with a new sign.



Graphic indicating how to use covid-19 signage outside your office building


Utilize the space you have, switching out your current parking signs with customer pickup signs indicating they must call or text you to pick up their item(s). If you don’t have signposts in place, try using a temporary and cost-effective option such as pylon signs, shown with the no parking sign layout. We also see the use of removable decals on the entrance door indicating the new hours of operation and the arrow on the ground reminding workers and visitors to keep a safe distance.


We know you might not have the resources or time to put together your own branded COVID-19 signage, so we have a range of standard templates available like all the layouts shown above.


We're in this together.