The decision-making process is never easy, we make so many quick decisions unconsciously; others we agonize over. We want picking a material for your signage needs to be easy, so we’ve compiled a list of materials showing what your options are. First, you need to ask yourself: where is it being applied, will it be located indoors or outdoors, how long is it going to be up for, and any additional factors you might need to consider.

All materials we offer at IDENT, can be printed double sided, and other than the banner stock, come in sheets of 48” x 96” or smaller but can be made larger with 2 or more pieces.


Sign Materials

Coroplast is lightweight, recyclable and inexpensive, making it an easy choice for temporary signage, billboards or golf tournaments. It can be used both indoors and out but isn’t ideal for a long term sign as it is easily damaged.
Popular Applications: Temporary signage such as temporary lease signs, temporary directional signage, temporary reflective construction and traffic signage. Also a popular choice for special events and tradeshows.


ABS is a lightweight, thermoplastic material that isn’t recommended for outdoor use as it can snap in very cold temperatures (like Canada ☹). If you’re looking for a material that gives you a good balance of cost and performance, ABS will often be a good choice.
Popular Applications: TDG Placards, Indoor Wallcharts, Indoor Tags, and Indoor Safety Signs.  


Banner Stock
Banner Stock is a great option for regularly transported signage, as it can be rolled up and is fairly lightweight depending on size. Banners are often mounted using ropes, screws, bungee cords, etc. inserted through metal grommets along the edges. It also makes an excellent outdoor tag, as it can handle Canadian winter and is tear resistant.
Popular Applications: WHMIS and Do not disturb tags, and large signage for special events.


ACM (Dibond)  
ACM is a dense lightweight material that combines two aluminum layers with solid plastic core and comes with a protective film on both sides. This rigid composite material isn’t ideal for all signage needs, as it should be mounted flat. Mounting ACM to a post is a gamble, as it can bend, snap and raise the protective film.
Popular Applications: Outdoor wall mounted safety signs, display and exhibition and architectural signs.


Aluminum – Most popular & All aluminum signs have a 5-year warranty at IDENT
Aluminum is a solid metal sign that is extremely durable, lightweight, and don’t rust or decompose. This material can be engraved, stamped and comes in multiple colours with the option of 3 different reflectivity’s: Engineer Grade, High Intensity and Diamond Grade.*
Thinner aluminum options are available and make for great tags!
Popular Applications: Pipeline Signs, Wellsite Signs, Facility Signs, Out of Service Tags/Stamped Valve Tags, and any long-term outdoor application.


* Things to consider when choosing a reflectivity: how often is the road travelled at night, and the speed. If you still aren’t sure what reflectivity would work best for your project, we’d love to help you narrow that down.  

Signage Materials Chart


Still feeling stuck? Regardless of the location you’ll be placing your sign, we’ve got a material that will work in both terms of practicality and functionality. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a recommendation, or if you would like to place an order!