Well Site

Mark the access road and wellhead with a lease sign, also known as a well site sign. Offered in 60 x 30 cm, we ensure your sign and decals meet the regulatory standards or your provincial governing body, is durable enough to withstand Canadian conditions, and is covered by our 5-year fade warranty.

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  1. Classification Decals

    Classification Decals

    For application to existing well site signs, classification decals indicate if a well is flammable (sweet) or poisonous (sour). 


    • Small for well site signs
    • Large for facility signs


    • Blockout vinyl with grey backing


    • Custom reflectivity
    • Backsplit decal

    Selected layouts kept in stock. 

    Covered by our 5-year fade warranty.

    Special notes: application is best on a flat, clean, and smooth surface and applied above 5°C.

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