From decals to tags, IDENT offers customized layout options when you need to safely handle products and other hazardous materials. With access to the new WHMIS 2015 versions, you are supported throughout the transition period and beyond. With a number of inventory kept in stock, we are often able to provide same day delivery.

For your individual WHMIS sign needs, contact us to discover what options are available.



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  1. Colour Code Charts

  2. Custom WHMIS

  3. Custom Arrow Tape

  4. GHSWGen2 Generic

  5. GHSW203 Methanol

  1. GHSW220 Natural Gas

  2. GHSW216 Lube Oil

  3. GHSW217 Used Lube Oil

  4. GHSW213 Emulsion

  5. GHSW214 Sour Emulsion

  1. GHSW201 Produced Water

  2. GHSW202 Sour Produced Water

  3. GHSW215 Varsol

  4. GHSW204 Crude Oil

  5. GHSW207 Condensate

  1. GHSW206 Propane

  2. GHSW209 Glycol

  3. GHSW218 Diesel

  4. R 01 Red Arrow Tape

  5. R 02 Safety Orange Arrow Tape

  1. R 03 Yellow Arrow Tape

  2. R 04 Light Green Arrow Tape

  3. R 05 Dark Green Arrow Tape

  4. R 06 Marlin Blue Arrow Tape

  5. R 07 National Blue Arrow Tape

  1. R 08 Safety Blue Arrow Tape

  2. R 09 Purple Arrow Tape

  3. R 10 Chestnut Brown Arrow Tape

  4. R 11 Tan Arrow Tape

  5. R 12 Black Arrow Tape

Items 1-30 of 36

per page
Set Descending Direction